O anúncio Máquina de perfuração horizontal VERMEER D16x20II foi vendido e não foi incluído na pesquisa.
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Modelo D16x20II
Tipo máquina de perfuração horizontal
Ano 2008
Horas de utilização 3057 m/h
Localização Países Baixos Goes
Data de publicação mais de um mês
Machineryline ID ET26641
Estado usados
Informação adicional
Vermeer Navigator D16x20 Series II

Completely inspected and tested by authorized Vermeer technicians. We inspect, repair and test all relevant systems, such
as the engine, the electrical system, the hydraulic system, all mechanics and the overall functions and details, following the
official Vermeer guidelines while using only original Vermeer parts. All used equipment is delivered including detailed
inspection document. We are confident in the quality that we deliver to our customers.
Anything in need of repair will be taken care of at no additional charge!
This offer includes 40 brand new drillrods (120 meters)!!!

- Construction year: 2008
- Hours: 3057

- LxWxH: 509x104x193 cm
- Weight: 4,8 ton

- Max 2700 Nm torque
- Max 248 rpm
- Pull force: 7,1 ton
- Travel speed: 4 km/hr
- Pitch: 12-18 degrees

Drillrods Vermeer FireStick on the rig:
- Length: 3 meter
- Pipe diameter: 4,8 cm
- Weight: 23 kg
- Minimum radius: 30 meter
- Box filled with 40 brand new drillrods
Vermeer FireStick Silver 1.9” x 3 m.

Standard available on the machine:
- Rack & pinion system for the rotation gearbox
- Automatic rod loading system
- Rubber tracks
- Extra large anchoring system for soft ground
- Lighting
- Rod greasing system

- Type Kubota 3300 diesel 63 hp
- 2200 rpm

High pressure bentonite pump:
- Pump is brand new!!!
- max 95 liter per minute
- max pressure 52 bar

Greasing system drill rods:
- Automatic greasing system for drill rods

- Engine oil: 7,5 liter
- Fuel tank: 57 liter
- Hydraulic reservoir: 87 liter
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