Capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120

capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120
capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120
capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120 imagem 2
capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120 imagem 3
capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120 imagem 4
capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120 imagem 5
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Marca:  Nortan
Modelo:  Minerva 120
Tipo:  capsuladora
Ano:  1993
Localização:  Itália (Verona) - Italy
Data de publicação:  11 de mai. de 2024
Identificação do stock do negociante:  GA16
Estado:  usados

Informação adicional — Capsuladora Nortan Minerva 120


 Used Wirehooder Nortan Minerva 120 up to 12000 bph

Versatility and Production Capacity

In the landscape of bottling equipment, notably, the Nortan 12-head wirehooder stands out for its excellence. Specifically, the
Used Wirehooder Nortan Minerva 120 up to 12000 bph
has proven its potential remarkably. Until July 2023, it ensured, impressively, a production of about 12,000 bottles per hour.

Adaptability and Customization

Equipped with a variable height head, this machine offers unparalleled versatility. It allows, effectively, for customization of the production process. The high autonomy cage loading system ensures, significantly, efficiency and a reduction in downtime.

Integration and Ergonomics of the Nortan Minerva 120 wirehooder

Moreover, the clockwise rotation facilitates seamless integration into the existing workflow. It improves, notably, operator ergonomics and the overall efficiency of the bottling line. The stainless steel clad base offers, furthermore, greater durability and facilitates easy cleaning.

Safety and Compliance

Importantly, safety protections meet high standards, ensuring that operations comply with regulations. This aspect is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment and, consequently, reducing the risks of accidents.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Additionally, equipment for two bottle formats enhances the machine’s flexibility even further. This machine suits diverse production needs admirably. The ability to easily switch between formats is, without a doubt, a significant advantage in terms of time and cost.

Reliability and Durability

Built in 1993, this machine has, over the years, maintained high performance consistently. It showcases, convincingly, the high construction quality and reliability for which Nortan machinery is known. Durability is a key factor for investments in bottling equipment, making this wirehooder, unquestionably, a valuable choice.

Conclusion of the Nortan Minerva 120 wirehooder

In conclusion, the
Used Wirehooder Nortan Minerva 120 up to 12000 bph
is, indeed, an optimal solution. It’s ideal for those seeking a high-performing, reliable, and versatile machine in the bottling field. Its ability to handle different bottle sizes, built-in safety, and sturdy construction are among its strengths, thereby making it a preferred choice for industry operators.

Speed: 12000 BPH
Containers: Glass
Rotation direction: Clockwise
No. of heads: 12
Safety features: Yes
Manuals: Yes
stato: In storage
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